Designersxsis is a contemporary design practice involved in the realm of architecture, urbanism, landscape, conser- vation, interiors, design, graphics and research. The thinktank”s objective at Designerxsis is to redefine the established notions of space and view architecture and design from new perspectives. The core team at Designersxsis had been working together on several architecture and interior projects of diverse nature as design consultants for the past 4 years.This led to the formation of Designersxsis in 28th March 2011. We try to express through drawings and graphs what our customer has in mind. We contribute spatial solutions and project functional improvements and new alternatives and we deal in detail so you get a quality reform.

  • CLIENT Compani Inc.
  • YEAR 2015
  • WE DID Design Mockups, Marketing
  • PARTNERS Beo Agency


Rohini, New Delhi, India

M +91- 9999 050 704