Our mobile app design services

Design workshop

Get the users’ attention quickly by creating a human-centric design that addresses specific needs, goals, and thoughts of the users. Our designers
make sure the enterprise mobility solutions meet your objectives and covey the advantages of your products or services to the target audience by working around

  • Design discovery

    Gain competitive advantages over rivalry by considering extensive market research. We carry out a detailed industry analysis to understand app design strategy of your competitors and industry leaders.

  • User journey

    Enable users with delightful experiences by creating an app that addresses pain points. We design an engaging user journey after analyzing the behavior, motivations, and attitudes of your targeted users.

  • Concept formulation

    Credencys coverts your unique business idea into a concept with extensive market research and in-depth understanding of users’ behavior. We define the mobile app design strategy accordingly.

  • Information architecture

    Accelerate the app development lifecycle by defining required features, functions, number of screens, layouts, navigation flow, and other mobile app design elements under information architecture.

App UI design

Resonate with your customers and reinforce your brand by creating an intuitive app UI design where visitors feel emotionally connected. To appeal to human senses, we create subtle yet elegant, stylish and beautiful interface.

  • Clickable prototype

    Get clarity on the would-be structure of upcoming enterprise mobility solutions from dynamic prototypes. We create a skeleton of mobile app by interconnecting the screen as per the flow.

  • User interface design

    We create app UI design with thoughtful color combinations and attractive design elements and animations that represent your brand philosophy and fulfill ultimate business objectives.

Usability testing

To deliver effective and efficient enterprise mobility solutions, we apply usability testing on mobile app where our UX experts observe the problems encountered by the users as well as their experience confusion.

Our UX designers identify the required changes and gather feedback from the users in order to improve enterprise mobile app performance and user satisfaction. We make sure the mobile app design helps you in achieving your business goals successfully.

What’s our secret?

For becoming top mobile app design company!

Interactive user experience

Transform your enterprise mobile app into a revenue-generating tool with intuitive design. To increase user engagement with the mobility solutions, we use manual gesture, fluid touch gesture, and on tap gesture.

Enhanced brand visibility

We create amazing mobile app design that appeals to customers’ senses. Users feel connected with your brand and visit the app again and again that increases your brand visibility.

Stronger brand building

Credencys excels in delivering the excellent user interface with a brilliant design that gives exceptional experience to the app users. Enable users with visually appealing designs that increase your client base.

Increased conversion rate

Encourage users to interact with your app for a long time by enabling them with smart navigation and meaningful navigation flow. High-end UI/UX design converts your visitors into users and boosts the revenue.