Data Driven SEO Services To Get More
Website traffic, Leads, And Revenue

If you are wondering why SEO is still essential, 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Since SEO is getting more and more competitive, some local brands are shifting to social media for their marketing and promotional activities. However, search engines drive 10 times more traffic to shopping sites than organic social media posts, making SEO a critical lead generating tool for small businesses.

If done right, search engine optimization can drive a conversion rate of up to 14.6%, compared to a 3.75% average conversion rate of PPC campaigns. But with 75% of users not scrolling past the first page of results on a Google search, it is essential to implement a strong and result-oriented SEO strategy that ensures your brand appears on the first page of search results.

Lucé Media is a provider of data-driven SEO services to brands and small businesses across all industry verticals. Our SEO experts are skilled and experienced in implementing the right strategies to rank your website on the first page for the most competitive keywords.

Benefits Of SEO

We use a blend of innovation, experience, and technical proficiency to create successful SEO campaigns in the most competitive sectors.

High Quality Traffic

Search engine optimization is an inbound marketing strategy that targets quality traffic. Unlike outbound marketing methods like cold calling and interrupting ads that are salesy, SEO is a customer-oriented strategy that revolves around creating useful content and information for your target customers.

No Placements Costs

Unlike paid advertising where you need to pay to get your ad placed on the search engines, SEO is entirely free. Once we optimize your website and content using SEO tools, you don’t need to pay a single dime, even if your content continues to rank on the first page and attract quality traffic years after you publish it. Of course, creating high-quality content or hiring an expert SEO agency like Lucé Media comes with an initial investment. Still, afterward, there’s no ongoing cost to keep the traffic coming to your website.

SEO Has A Better CTR Than PPC

While PPC ads appear above organic results, more than 70% of searches result in a click on an organic listing rather than a paid advertisement. The reason for this trend is more or less psychological – people are less likely to click on something which has tags like “Sponsored” or “Ad” associated with it.

SEO Helps PR

Search engine optimization may seem to be an entirely different marketing strategy than public relations (PR), but you can use them together to maximize the results achieved from each. Both SEO and PR share a common element: link building. Earning links for reputable websites is one of the essential components of any SEO strategy. On the other hand, a PR strategy is centered on getting big influencers and publications talking about your brand.

Competitive Advantage

With more than 600,000 startups opening every year, establishing and sustaining an online presence is the top priority of most brands. Having a forward-thinking SEO strategy can help you keep up and eventually move ahead of your competitors in a vying market.

Services Of SEO

We implement advanced SEO strategies that are result-driven and meet all the search engine guidelines.

Keyword Analysis

We perform data-driven keyword analysis to find ideal keywords for your business based on factors like keyword density, keyword competition, and keyword search volume.

Competitor Analysis

We analyze the websites of your competitors to get a detailed overview of what your competitors are doing and what is working for them. Then, we use a result-oriented approach to make a better strategy that helps you outshine your competitors.

Content Creation

We create unique, human-centric, and search-engine-optimized content that not only helps the reader but increases your site’s rankings as well.

Page Ranking Analysis

Our expert analysts analyze the performance of your web pages on different search engines to identify the scope of improvement and adjustment in the existing strategy.

Code , Meta Tags And Broken Links

Apart from high-quality content, factors like HTML code, Meta Tags, and links can make or break your site’s performance on SERPs. We make sure these factors are in check, and your website gets more business without any impediments.

URL Audit

A short, understandable URL structure is SEO-friendly as it helps users recognize what a page is all about by looking at its URL. We create a unified URL structure for all your web pages, thereby making it beneficial from both a user and an SEO perspective.